B . L . O . G .

thoughts @ a j-zz club, August 30, 2016

Jazz is an everpresent now ~~ an African now. It is the haze of past and future shot through by the piercing, almost unbearble clear light of the brilliant present. It is the dreams of nights past made real made dream mead real made fortune. It is the sacred music of a people in exile.

Jazz is meant to happen, to tell us our stories pure as the can be told. But why then as we move about our existance whilst our cities burn, our oceans sour, and our ice caps melt is there no respite from this electronic liquid crystal haze keeping us just close enough to reality that we feel comfortable as our world careens towards oblivion?

We have technology in a cellphone equal to the computing power of a thousand Rockefellers, yet so many of ours remain poor. In our hands are rooms of supercomputers in the 60's yet many of the dreams of the era have shed their sugared pleasantries to become expensive, punitive nightmares.

It's time to jazz again. To dream. To fly. Only difference is we can make our wings in a click now. Let's go.

B . L . O . G .

thoughts on a train, October 12, 2016

manhattan is a whirl. the buzzing of a million lives you meet only in an instant, often through nothing more than the outfit they decided to wear that day.